Christopher Lee Gets 4 weeks In Jailed And S$4,500 Fine for Drink-driving

MediaCorp actor Christopher Lee has been sentenced to four weeks in jail on charges relating to drink driving.

He has also been fined S$4,500 and is disqualified from driving for three years.

Lee arrived in court Thursday morning, accompanied by his lawyer and manager.

His offences include causing injury to a motorcyclist and his pillion rider, in a hit-and-run accident.

In passing his sentence, the judge said Lee knew he had caused an accident and could not be excused from failing to stop and check.

Breathalyser tests showed Lee's body contained twice the legal alcohol limit.

Lee had given over S$70,000 in compensation to the victims for their injuries, which the judge noted as "evidence of his remorse".

The Judge said given the recent spate of drink driving accidents, a message must be sent to the public that "such risks are not acceptable and will continue to be sternly treated".

Lee will be appealing against the jail term, and is currently out on S$20,000 bail.

When contacted, MediaCorp Studios said it is inappropriate to comment at this time as Lee is appealing against the sentence.

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