Nigerians' Reactions to Removal of Fuel Subsidy

Adeayo Samuel Hello hiz excelhensin emere jonatharam worstluck u and ur widowed wife hw far. U re doin d wronger at d wrongest tym, d bad at the badest tym. Bt remember dat thre is reward 4 everytin and also 4 the subsidization of fuel. Becos of the reason of dis u re hereby sentenced 2 sufferin and proverty 4 a week and after dat lif in prison til ur bar remains 0.01%.but b4 dat 1 week is completed, if u re angry withn dat period, u can look 4 the nearest well h2o and jump inside okay. I rise. Court.

 Ayoola Oke We the people of Nigeria will fight for the right to survive in the face of tyranny and deceit and I am calling on all the great Nigerian youths to join the mass action and rally everywhere in the country and abroad.

Evans Onyeka Mr president we the corpers in akwa ibom are solidly behind u. We cant afford to finish our youth service without work. Remove subsidy and create jobs for the nigerians who have no job. All u ignorant fellowss hacken to the voice of change and it shall be well with u and your generation peace.

Adenola Joseph Jonathan,you are an instrument of destruction.I lately see how God is harding your heart so that you can be destroy with your household.It is not a matter of opinion, it is what is going to happen to you.There is nothing like fuel subsidy.Refinery produce a liter for N31 and plus tax amount to N41 and now u sell for N65.What is the subsidy there?Those that support your course like lamido sanusi and other governors will die premature death.So shall it be in jesus name

Toyib Olarewaju But u never think better b4 taking ur decision,many lifes as been taking by ur gunmen. But know God will decide on u soon.

Eze Emmanuel I & many other Corps members (NYSC) here are encouraging you to stay fast on this fuel subsidy removal. Of course, there is never a time you espect it to be accepted without any opposition. So, I encourage you to remain on your good innovative work.

Chukwuma Christian ‎@mr president removal of fuel subsidy is a wellcome development is only a fool can say no to that,as a matter of fact you are a messiah to this nation God bless you mr president carry on oh em wit you

Kafayat Aminu Jonathan is callous, he's a liar. You can imagine a president dat make national broadcast on saturday dat he will cut executive salary by 25% and reduce all foreign trips and cut down d size of delegates to abroad still went ahead to attend ANC_a political party 100th year anniverssary in SOUTH AFRICA. He is a HYPOCRITE, he should not be trusted again, never. If you still believe him then YOU ARE A BIG FOOL!

Akpos Emma mr.president,it'll only tak sum tyme everytin'll die a natural dearth.9ja complain abt Gsm dat's 2 xpensive sim was sold 20,30,40thousand naira,today now hw much is sim sold now,almost free.i surport it.God bless goodluck j.

Chinedu Ahamefula sir keep on from now to 3years niger ll be good in Jesus name.sir de luck is ur way niger ll be good soon read this roman 5vs1to7.

Noski Christopher Enendu I'll urge all of us in the name of God to mind the way and manner we speak to our president, we stood in the sun in April to vote for him, we where happy that he won and now we have awarded him the most cursed president, this is very bad as a people. The policy is very good but the mode and timing of the implementation is wrong but that doesn't give us the right to insult our president.

Dear president Goodluck, i urge u sir to hear the plea of the people, the same people that voted you in and the same people whose future you're saving, revert the pump price to N65, then open negotiations afterwards and when all stake holders have agreed on the mode and time of implementation, then you can implement the policy.

Sir, you once didn't have shoes which means you know how it pains to walk with bare foot, please sir, don't allow us to loose the slippers we already have.

Don't allow IMF and World bank to push you around sir.

God is with you sir.

Long live president GEJ
Long live NLC
Long live Nigeria

Sman Maina Our nation needs strong and honest leadership now! Strong leadership begins when the President understands the power of the personal example. We call on the President and the National Assembly to begin the process of arresting this drift before darkness falls. If they don’t, they stand a good chance of going down in history as the leadership that sat over the disintegration of Nigeria with the consequential losses in human lives.
We call on the National Assembly to begin to show the required leadership now that it seems the President isn’t ready.

Jakes Macbillion Onoriode Pls somebody should help me with the president number's to call him now b4 people keep dying, I'm d only one person that can make him change his mind 

Sylvester Abumere Ekpen If the cabal were bringing in petroleum products, collecting subsidy on them and taking same out to neighbouring countries for sale, why is the Chief Police of our borders (air, water, land) - The Comptroller General of Customs still keeping his job? GEJ finds it easier to take on the hapless Nigerian populace than deal with a few powerful people. What shame! Let's see how this "movie" ends.............

King Taiwo Samson Tolulope you should have given the people a good and sound orientation about what the benefits are and what difficulties they will face.Many of those misquoting this subsidy removal are mischievous .And the illiterate population is apparently higher than those who can sit down and think.But this mischievous fellows who are a bit educated mislead those who don't understand it.Blind followers.That is the problem....I am totally in support of the removal of the subsidy and i am trying my best to give a full orientation and they are yielding to this.

Gina Candy Please let us join together in prayer for President GEJ each day . If we Africans pray , collectively at the same time, it will make a difference!!!! So much pressure, disrespect, and hatred . He needs our love and our prayers!!!! II Chronicles 7:14 says,"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and "PRAY", and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" Our land really needs healing!!! We also need to pray for the president's enemies too. Matthew 5:44 says, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." God sees all that's being said and done to our COUNTRY NIGERIA. The Lord is going to fix it, but in the meantime, AFRICANS , NIGERIANS, THE WHOLE WORLD !!!!! please!! let's Pray!!!!!!!!! Pray!!!!!!!! Pray!!!!!!!!! Prayer is the ANSWER!!!!!!!!
Please keep this going by email, word of mouth or facebook. Pray!!! Pray!!! Pray!!

Rarity Campaign Pple r not lookin @ dis issue frm d angle i'm lookin @ it,since Jonathan & his cohorts claim dey r removin subsidy because of our benefit & we say we don't want it,if not 4 personal interest,i tink he ought 2 have respected our opinions cos we voted him into power not 4 him 2 dictate 2 us.U need 2 come outside & see d way people r carrying ur mock coffin & number of pple loosing their lifes daily & reverse dis decision.Ppl's voice at times is d voice of God,act fast & ignore okonjo's advise cos she's not wiser dan every Nigerians.

Chinenye Umeugo The man wit no shoes now have millions of designer shoes witout tinkin of sparin not even one aba shoe for his fellow citizen.bia gej,did we elect u to do wots on ur mind or wot will benefit d entire populace?why hv u chosen to ignore d voice of d people?subsidy removal is ok bt hv u sit down to educate nigerians on d benefit or u just woke up on d 1st of january to remove subsidy?do u hv conscience?i comment my reserve sha

Falodu Victoria N2N initiative asked if the poor were benefitting from fuel susidy. So U even understd the way Poor pple live in Nigeria, but turned a deaf ear. U are only trying to convince them into believing dt the rich only benefit from Fuel subsidy like U did to the Bayelsa pple. The fact dt they are poor doesn't mean they av no sense of humour or cant reason right. We all know dt fuel price is the determinant factor of market price. How do U expect them to afford a #450 bowl of rice,when dey cld hardly did wen fuel subsidy removal hasn't affected it.
Nigerians aren't smiling @all.

Faxzomoryeen DrPharxzo Prince ‎(y)THE BEST BROADCAST SO FAR----GEJ...the man who won an election few months ago on his Claim of having no shoes as a boy.....the son of a fisher man from Otuoke creek has bluntly refused to listen to voice of reason....and I wonder what is wrong with this man...have you forgotten the child of whom you are......what are you doing in the midst of Sanusi Lamido, Iweala and Allison Madueke......Ere ki ni Aja n ba ekun she.....(what game would bring a dog and a tiger together) what good advise would you get from these spoilt brats).....Sanusi....a grandson of the emir and son of a permanent secretary.....a noble blood with a university degree in sharia from SUDAN.....he was never as hungry as you were...You are even an infidel where he is concerned .....Your association can only mean trouble.......and then Iweala........the daughter of a Professor and king in ogwashi ukwu and.....An IMF returnee.......everybody in her family went to harvard.......she had ice cream for breakfast while you were walking barefoot looking for fish in the sun of ogbia.....come on!what are you doing with her.............And then diezani madueke ......the daughter of chief Agama and wife of Admiral madueke......what are you doing around these people........please listen to people who are just like your father.....fisher men,boat maker ,mechanic,tailor,okada man etc who would suffer greatly from your stubbornness. Listen to people like you who had no femi falana,Chinua Achebe.


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