First 20 Richest Americans Bail Out the Auto Industry.

Some who oppose the bail out do so because they feel that the tax payers’ money should not be used to fix problems that arise from mismanagement of the Executives of the automotive industries looking for the bailout.

Others feel if the Auto industry is bailed out very soon we will see other industries raring their ugly heads and asking for a bail out too - Power industry, Telecommunication Industry etc.

So instead of the government using tax payer’s money why don’t we have individual Americans bail out the industry by investing their personal funds. The first 20 richest Americans readily comes to mind.

My choice of these persons is owing to the fact that they can use their expertise to reform the way business are carried out in the Auto industry, thus increasing accountability.

What about their ranking? The amount they will individually invest, even if it was assigned arbitrarily, is somewhat proportional to their present ranking. SO they will still maintain there present rankings. Below is a table showing how the $25 Billion can be spread among them.

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