The Rich And Famous Teens Of Hollywood

They are rich and famous and still teenagers. Daniel, Hayden, Rihanna and Hilary are four of the richest teens of Hollywood.

Daniel Radcliffe, 17
Already UK’s richest teen, he will be paid a reported $50 million for the next two Harry Potter films. He recently spent $17,000 on a mattress, and said, “People seem to expect me to splash out on a classic-car collection, but I’ve never been into cars.”

Hayden Panettiere, 17
A magazine estimated the Heroes star earns $2 million a year. Her untitled debut album will release in 2008. A beauty company’s spokesmodel, she knows her face is her fortune, “I get facials all the time.”

Rihanna, 19
The Barbados-bred singer, whose latest CD, Good Girl Gone Bad, sold more than 200,000 copies in its first two weeks out, says she’s a savvy spender, “I don’t like to waste money. I buy things that I’m going to get my money’s worth out of, things I’m going to use a lot. I like to splurge on make up and shoes. My mom loves bags. I bought her one.”

Hilary Duff, 19
As CEO of her own lifestyle company, she earns about $12 million a year. Still, she says, “I definitely don’t just buy what I want.” Case in point, she thought about buying a SUV for nearly $100,000, but her business manager said, “You’re a terrible driver. You don’t need that kind of power.” She took the advice!

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The Wealthy Spreading HIV/AIDS In Asia

Contrary to the widely-held belief that HIV/AIDS is fuelled by poverty, a surprising and authoritative new study reveals that the epidemic in Asia is being driven by wealthy men, often after having unprotected sex with prostitutes.

"Clients of sex workers account for most HIV cases in Asia. Typically they are wealthy men," said Ross McLeod, an economist, presenting the findings of a joint study commissioned by the Asian Development Bank and UNAIDS at an international conference on AIDS here.

Turning generally held academic belief on its head, the multi-nation study finds that HIV does not necessarily spread under conditions of poverty. "It's wealthy men who pass on the virus. In Cambodia 12% of the richest men passed on the virus," McLeod told the 8th International Conference on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) on Wednesday.
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"Poverty does not seem to increase the risk of infection in the first place. But AIDS increases the risk of poverty," added Jacques Jeugmans of the ADB.

McLeod said infection among wealthy Asian women too is on the rise, adding: "70% of cases in Asia are male, but this is beginning to change."

A number of UN health experts told the August 19-23 conference that the majority of HIV-positive women in the region are married women who have only had sex with their husbands - leading them to conclude that these women contracted the virus for no fault of theirs, from husbands who had had unprotected sex outside marriage.

The study seems to pinpoint men who have sex with multiple partners, including sex workers, but do not use condoms.

Indian epidemiologist Swarup Sarkar, regional director of UNAIDS for South Asia, said that although the joint ADB-UNAIDS study was an ongoing project, it already held out major policy implications for the way HIV/AIDS ought to be tackled in Asia.

For instance, one important new finding is about the way the virus has spread in countries - it usually started among injecting drug users in the 1990s, moved on to sex workers, from there to male clients and their faithful wives.

Homosexuals and other men who have sex with men were infected well before the epidemic took root among the general population.

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Philippino Police Clamp Down On Videoke Bars

The local police force will be closely monitoring every videoke bars here after receiving intelligence reports that some of the joints have been holding nude shows.

Superintendent Renato Soria said he will recommend for the closure of such bars if they ever they prove that they are holding such kinds of shows.

The police chief also said that as of the moment there are a total of five bars in their list that are staging nude shows.

Meanwhile, after the arrest of marijuana pushers and users, police operatives here were able to recover six units of Video Karera machines recently.

Led by Soria, the team was able to recover the said VK units from nearby operators in the said town.

After the peration and recovery, the machines were destroyed at the municipal grounds led by no less than Mayor Jun Tetangco and members of the Municipal Council led by Vice Mayor Peter Nucum.
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Soria said there are still a number of operators lingering around that is why the town's police force will be conducting more operations against them. "We will not spare anybody in our operations especially those operating near the schools here," he said.

Earlier also, Soria's team was able to arrest of a number of marijuana users and pushers.

He said they were able to recover about three-fourth kilo of marijuana from a group of suspected pushers in the town.

The suspects, Soria said, were mostly based in Sitio Paralaya in Barangay San Juan, this town.

Relatively, the town's police chief said they were able to recover shabu paraphernalia and the illegal drugs in barangays Capalangan, Sulipan and San Juan, all of this town.

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