Lil Wayne's Death News Report, A Hoax

Fans of Lil' Wayne have reacted with outrage after a fake report claiming the US rapper had been shot dead appeared on the internet.

Lil' Wayne has become the subject of a death hoax, after a fake BBC News page appeared to claim the rapper had been caught up in gang rivalry following a concert in New Orleans.

According to the fake site, Wayne was supposed to have been shot in the early hours of Saturday (November 2) morning, following a despite between the Blood and Crips gangs.

A picture of the web page, which can be seen above, claimed the rapper had been pronounced dead after being shot six times.

The hoax caused rumours of Wayne's demise to circulate around the internet over the weekend until several sites, most notably, went out of the way to state that the rapper is still very much alive.

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mikemathew said...

Earlier there were some reports that Lil Wayne died from a gun shot during the weekend in a gang feud. It even mentioned Lil’ Wayne not shot and killed. the MTV news, Lil’ Wayne is not dead, nor was he shot. Apparently, two people were and injured but not in a serious condition at the location he was at. Parez Hilton has also confirmed that Lil Wayne is not dead.


, pass-along