Flat-Chested Paris Hilton Gets A New Look

SHE vowed she'd never get plastic surgery , but famously flat-chested Paris Hilton has raised eyebrows with her newly heavy chest.

Hilton says it's a booster swimsuit featuring an internal push-up bra that has emphasised her newly curvaceous figure.

But speculation is rife that the heiress has gone under the knife, despite declaring her anti-surgery stance last year.

Hilton once considered breast augmentation surgery before being talked out of it by her father, Rick.

At the time she said: "I don't need it and I would never get it. It's gross - and it always ends up looking really fake. But if a girl is miserable and that's the only way to make her happy, then that's fine.

"Years ago I asked my dad for a boob job and he said it would cheapen my image. So I decided not to do it."

Hilton, 26, who was released from jail in June, has been criticised for trying to attract further attention by altering her body shape.

Apart from a stream of media commentary in the US and Britain, Hilton's changing body shape has prompted a barrage of comments on the internet.

"Her only talent is attracting attention," wrote one fan on a Hilton website.
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