Crocodile Smuggler Busted By Chinese Police

Chinese police have caught a smuggler trying to bring 70 crocodiles into the country, state media reports.
The haul of crocs, each about 70 centimetres and weighing 1.5kg, along with baby turtles was made in Guangdong province in the country's far south, a part of the world where locals have famously adventurous eating habits.
But the report by Xinhua news agency said the crocodiles were "ornamental" and were caught with 3,000 baby turtles in the port city of Zhuhai. It did not say where they came from or what happened to the smuggler.
Southern China has long been the favourite stamping ground of smugglers who, before a crackdown several years ago, easily slipped cars, televisions, luxury goods, and even dismantled bowling alleys into the country.
The captured animals have been handed over to quarantine officials who will test them for disease and "assess their environmental impact," the report said.

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