Lisa Ann Taylor And Nicole Probert's Case Before Grand Jury Wednesday

Melissa Wilson
Evidence surrounding an alleged high-class Sugarloaf Country Club prostitution ring will be presented before a grand jury Wednesday, according to the district attorney. Attorneys involved with the case will present evidence concerning Lisa Ann Taylor and Nicole Probert. The two are accused of running the illegal business out of Taylor’s Duluth mansion inside Sugarloaf Country Club. Taylor, alias Melissa Wolf, and Probert, aka Brigit Fox and Naughty Nikki, were arrested Jan. 3 after an investigation into “The Erotic Review” Web site. Content on the site included performance reviews, discussion boards and price listings for sex. Both Taylor and Fox are free on bond but face charges of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, prostitution, keeping a place of prostitution and conspiracy to possess cocaine. Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter said the jury will decide Wednesday if the two women and five men charged with pandering as part of the ring will be indicted. Porter previously said he was waiting for reports from Gwinnett police before evidence could be presented to a grand jury. Police spokesman Cpl. Darren Moloney on Friday said a report has been completed, but he could not provide the Post with the document before press time Friday.Although the reports took time because of the extent of the investigation, Moloney said the investigation progressed “on schedule.” When asked if he expects indictments for the women and the alleged johns to come from Wednesday’s events, Porter said he could not speculate on the ruling. “We believed we had enough evidence to go before a grand jury,” Porter said. “Ultimately, the decision is up to them. I present the evidence and they decide whether or not to charge.“The evidence will be presented Wednesday and then the next step is arraignment and that would happen sometime within 30 days,” Porter said. Attorney Steve Sadow, who represents Probert, declined to comment until after next week’s hearing. “I’d like to wait to see what happens Wednesday before commenting,” Sadow said. As far as a press conference or comment from his client, Sadow said that will be decided after the grand jury’s ruling is in. Messages were left with Taylor’s attorney, Mark Issa, but calls were not returned.Porter said he could not comment in regard to any future potential arrests involved with the case.

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