Reanae Cruz - "A Star Is Born"

William Sparrow

The famous phrase 'a star is born' has been uttered so many times it's often hard to take seriously but in the case of newcomer Renae Cruz, 'a porn star is born' seems quite appropriate.

The sexy five foot four inch gorgeous brunette with Brazilian and Philipina roots is enjoying her first few months in the adult movie business and fans and critics alike are beginning to take notice.

Cruz made her way into the adult biz last November after a life as a military brat. She was born in the Philippines and lived for a year in Brazil. During that time, she learned two important things: Portuguese and the ability to adapt.

"Moving around so much made me learn to understand people better," she said. "I think I come off as a much more mature person that way."

All Media Play President Jeff Mullen told XBIZ that he bumped into Cruz at a dinner party, where the 19-year-old caught his eye. He later brought her in for some photos.

"We did a photo shoot with her, and she just sparkled," he said. "She's absolutely gorgeous, cute, young with a great sexual appetite and fun to be around."

"I really love doing my job because I enjoy sex so much. Where else can I make a great living having this much fun? It's really unbelievable," she said while having lunch at a fashionable Melrose cafe.

With a heavy schedule of hardcore sex movies and an upcoming blockbuster role as J-Ho in the Jennifer Lopez spoof J-Ho: Jenny on the Cock from X-Play/Adam & Eve, Renae¡¦s future as a best new starlet contender is looking quite bright.

Her incredible sex performances are the stuff that directors love and her fondness for being on set make her a producer's dream.

"Renae is a special performer. We noticed it the first time we saw her but when you see her having sex on camera, her enthusiasm should be bottled and sold to every other girl in this business," said producer Scott David.

"She's a one of a kind girl and I really think she was born to have sex. Some girls love sex, but just don¡¦t look that great doing it, but Renae looks absolutely beautiful in every position," stated director Will Rider. "We love her."

"I never seriously thought about this as a career but I did think about it in the back of my mind that I'd like to try it and one day I decided it was time to come to Los Angeles and become a porn star," Renae said just before checking her watch so that she would not be late for her next shoot. With a steady stream of bookings being offered to her through her agent at Goldstar Modeling, Renae is in a position to turn down jobs only taking those which appeal to her.

With dozens of upcoming movies yet to be released, Renae seems to be having serious fun. She features in upcoming movies such as Bad Seed's Bubble Gum Cuties, Hustler's Barely Legal School Girls 4, Adam & Eve/X-Play's Long Dong Black Kong and J-Ho: Jenny on the Cock all coming soon.

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