Will Lisa Ann Taylor Lose Mansion And Vehicle?

Valerie Hoff

Accused 'Mansion Madam' Lisa Taylor has been living in her Sugarloaf Country Club home since her arrest in January, but she could lose that home.

Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter is asking a judge to order Taylor to forfeit the home, along with a 1989 Corvette and $3,700 in cash police seized during her January arrest.

"The complaint alleges they were maintained and operated through ill-gotten gains, money from criminal activity," said Porter.

Taylor is accused of running a house of prostitution.

But she and her attorneys maintain she's an adult entertainer and her activities such as dancing and adult videos were legal.

"The vehicle has a long standing history with Miss Taylor, as does the house and the money," said defense attorney Mark Issa. "We believe it’s not fair at all to take someone's home and vehicle and money prior to being convicted of a crime and we think it goes against the principals of the Constitution."

Taylor is charged under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO. It was enacted in the 1970's to fight organized crime, and contains stiff penalties and forfeiture provisions for those who commit a series of illegal acts to further a criminal enterprise.

As the civil forfeiture case gets underway, Porter said the criminal process is slightly behind schedule because of the vast amount of computer data seized from Taylor's home.

"There was a lot of stuff on the hard drive, a lot of information and to go through it is taking longer than we expected," said Porter.

As they wait for their cases to go to the Grand Jury, Taylor and her alleged accomplice Nicole Probert are working as dancers at a DeKalb County adult entertainment venue called the Oasis.

Porter said he will likely present the case to the grand jury before summer. He said he does not anticipate making any more arrests before that time.

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