Famous female golfer in nude-photo scandal?

While many readers are busy trolling the internet for nude pictures of female golfer Michelle Wie all readers needed to do was buy a copy of a weekly magazine in Japan, slice open the edges of the sealed pages, and viola -- a photo of the mystery sportswoman - rumored to be a female golfer - in the flesh, albeit with her face blurred.

The woman was indeed completely naked, facing the camera while flashing the peace sign with both hands. According to Flash, as well as Asahi Geino, which also ran the photo, it had been circulated by a former boyfriend and taken in the bathroom of a love hotel.

So, during the following several days, readers were left to wonder -- who was this obviously young and very fit woman. Figure skater Miki Ando sprang to many people's minds. Or maybe skier Aiko Uemura?

Source: aaronsnewspost.blogspot.com
Famous female golfer in nude-photo scandal?

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