I Wasnt NUDE Says Pascal Mashaalani

Pascal Mashaalani, the Lebanese singer has denied allegations that she appeared practically nude in her most recent music video "Itghairt Alai" (You have changed), even if the dress was a see-through. Pascal stated that she considered the clip as a shift in her career in the right direction, adding that the dress she wore was daring but not inappropriate.

Pascal added that the dress in the clip was in fact see-through, which is why many thought that she was semi-nude. She said that she insisted on wearing the dress to break the old image people have of her of being a traditional girl and showing her daring side.

Mashalaani was recently in Tunisia at the grand opening of Citroen, an event which she was specially invited to be the guest star at. Before the opening ceremony, Pascal held a press conference, organized by Citroen, and she expressed her joy at being in Tunisia and thanked the company for inviting her.

Pascal talked about her new look in her the clip admitting that she knows she shocked her fans. She added that it is essential for every artists to always appear in a new look to attract the largest number of audience, and the criticism she received, whether it was positive or negative, only signifies that she is on the right track of success.

Pascal added that despite the fact that she is very satisfied with the new look that director Mirna Al Khayat has presented her in, she does not know whether or not she will keep it in future clips.

The story of the new video is a romantic one that revolves around a young lady who is madly in love and flirts with her man to show him the affections she has for him.

Mirna had chosen a number of filming locations around Lebanon carefully selecting ones that match the story of the clip.

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