"My Nude Pictures Were From MY Stolen Laptop" Says Wan Nural Zhana

Muzliza Mustafa

A police source revealed that, according to the report, the incident took place in Damansara in early January.

The source said Wan Nurul Zhana, fondly known as Zana, also claimed the laptop contained important documents and her personal photo collection.

The source added that Zana, who is embroiled in the nude picture controversy, wanted to clear her name and urged police to nab the culprit.

Shah Alam police chief ACP Abdul Wahab Embong confirmed the police report.

However, he declined comment on the content of Zana¡¦s laptop.

We are investigating the case and do not want to jeopardise it,¡¨ he said, adding that they are also looking into whether there is an element of blackmail in the case.

It was reported this week that Shah Alam police was investigating the case under Section 509 of the Penal Code for insulting the modesty of a person.

It was reported that Zana lodged her report at Petaling Jaya police station last Friday, but the case was referred to Shah Alam police as AF5 contestants live in the Hicom Industrial Estate in Section 26, Shah Alam.

It was also learned that as of this week, Zana had yet to give her statement to Shah Alam police.

The Malay Mail had, on Monday, front-paged a report on Zana¡¦s nude picture controversy.

It was reported that the 23-year-old lass had pulled out from the show last Saturday, prompting speculation that it was due to the circulation of the nude pictures on the Internet.

AF5 executive producer Bob Azrai had said Zana had lodged the report after she quit the show.

Maylay Mail ran the story with censored pictures and Zana's denials. Since then the budding star has decided to report a laptop with 'personal pictures' stolen. Apparently the laptop WAS hers.
He was also quoted as saying that Zana had cited pressure as the reason behind her action.

In early reports Zana denied that the pictures were of her.

The 23-year-old, who has denied that several 'revealing' pictures are that of her, told The Malay Mail late last week. She told the media that she would, "get in touch if (there¡¦s) anything (I want to comment on)."

"Hi there. Sorry, didn't mean to offend anybody (for not answering the calls). I didn't like the idea of you getting my number without my permission. Will get in touch if anything.. ..thanks for the concern," was her text reply to this reporter who tried talking to her without success last week.

Her three cell phone lines were switched off, and attempts to reach her home were unsuccessful.

She only responded when The Malay Mail texted her twice to seek her comments on several pictures posted on the Internet.

Akademi Fantasia executive producer Bob Azrai, commenting on the sudden withdrawal of the deejay and part-time emcee and singer from the first weekly concert last Saturday night, said the matter was "out of our hands".

"It's now a police case, and it's out of our hands. She asked to be allowed to leave the show, citing stress and personal problems. Fans of the programme can tell from the daily Diari Akademi Fantasia that she's been under a lot pressure of late, and has been crying since Wednesday."

When asked if it had anything to do with the circulation of nude pictures on the Internet, supposedly of hers, Bob initially said he did not know.

However, when pointed out that the pictures had surfaced about the same time Wan Nurul started showing signs of stress, Bob admitted that the pictures had an impact on her.

"We did tell her what was happening outside (the academy)," he said, adding that he did not know if the pictures had infl uenced Wan Nurul's decision.

Bob said Wan Nurul, or better known as Zana, had lodged a police report after her exit from the programme.

"We had notified her of what was happening because we wanted to get the truth. She denied being the one in those pictures," Bob said.

However the filing of the recent police report over the stolen laptop seems to confirm that the nude pictures are in fact genuine photos of Wan Nurul Zhana.

Zana's initial denial that the pictures were not even her does not mend well with the fact that the starlet is now distancing and covering herself in release of the photos by filing the report with the police over a stolen laptop.

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