Britney Spears' Life in Rehab - Not A Happy One

Angie Fenton

The Courier-Journal

Us Weekly says Britney Spears isn’t happy about being in rehab, since she believes her troubles were caused by post-partum depression and not an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Spears, 25, has been at Promises rehab center in Malibu — price tag: $48,000 a month — for two weeks now.

“The doctors there do say that they are shocked by what bad shape she is in,” Us Weekly contributing editor Katrina Szish told “The Early Show” co-host Julie Chen. “So the people at the clinic do seem to believe she’s in the right place.”

But Spears isn’t so sure.

“Unfortunately, Britney has managed to stay in rehab, but she’s not been an ideal patient. She’s been talking on her cell phone too often. She’s been reprimanded for that. She’s actually ducked out of rehab to go shopping for several hours, Szish said.
Spears has found an unlikely support system in estranged hubby Kevin Federline and her mother, Lynn.

“Kevin has really been a rock for her, as has her mother,” Szish said.

“About a week or so ago, Britney did have a visit with her kids,” she said. “Kevin and her mom, Lynn, brought the kids to the facility. And reports say she was just thrilled to see them.”

Still, Szish said, “We’re hearing that (while) Britney is doing this for her kids, (she) is a bit angry because she felt she was pushed into it, forced into it by her manager and her family. And is a little bit resentful of the fact that she is in this facility. But knows she has to do something for her kids.”

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