Sex and the mobile Russian

Besides giving the world vodka and tennis ace Maria Sharapova, Russians are becoming famous for things far removed, like having sex in a moving car.

According to a poll conducted by KRC Research and Goodyear, 25 per cent Russians admitted to making out in a moving vehicle.

The poll also found that Russians, who were voted the worse drivers in over 40 European countries, do not use seatbelts, break speed limits, drive through red lights, drive drunk and have sex while driving more often than other Europeans.

Approximately 36 per cent of Russian drivers admitted to regularly exceeding speed limits, which was the highest rate in Europe, quoted a report from the Delovoi Peterburg newspaper, as saying. Russian natives even talk on their mobile phones while driving more often than in other European countries. And about 30% of those polled in Russia had driven drunk before. It was also found that folks of Russia do not pay enough attention to their physical condition when they are going to take charge of the steering wheel.

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