Islamic extremists' love of hardcore porn

William Sparrow and agencies

So how does a pious Islamic extremist and potential terrorist pass the time? He watches hardcore porn. Investigators found that at least one of two Islamic extremist planning an attack on the US from Canada was in possession of hardcore pornography.

In Muslim societies the calls for all women to be covered completely and constant diatribes that sexual immorality is a threat to Islamic nations have become commonplace. Yet there is mounting evidence that terrorist extremists commonly view hardcore pornography.
Toronto-based recently reported that two men from the US state of Georgia met in the Canadian city with Islamic extremists to discuss potential terror strikes in the United States, including attacks on oil refineries and military bases, according to recently unsealed US court documents.

The documents say the pair met with at least three people, who are under international surveillance, to plot ways to disable the Global Positioning System, which would disrupt military and commercial communications and air traffic. They also discussed a trip to Pakistan to receive military training at a terrorist-sponsored camp.

US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Michael Scherk, a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Atlanta, says in a sworn affidavit that Eshanul Islam Sadequee, 19, of Roswell, Georgia, and Syed Haris Ahmed, 21, of Atlanta, made the trip to Toronto in March 2005.

Ahmed has been charged with suspicion of giving material support of terrorism and is being held at an undisclosed location. He pleaded not guilty during a brief court appearance in Georgia.

Sadequee is accused of making materially false statements in connection with a terrorist investigation, and he was arrested in Bangladesh, where he told the FBI that he had gone to get married.

Many would give pause to consider what his young bride would think of her husband's penchant for porn, when Islamic societies in almost all cases forbid it.

The US Attorney (federal prosecutor) in Georgia, David Nahmias, said in a statement that the charge against Ahmed is "serious and involves national security".

US Justice Department officials, however, said there was no immediate threat to any strategic US targets.

According to the court document, Sadequee and Ahmed traveled to Toronto from Atlanta on a Greyhound bus, leaving on March 6, 2005, and crossed the border back to the United States on March 12.

Sadequee is accused of lying to federal agents when he was detained at New York's John F Kennedy airport last August, saying he had traveled to Canada the previous January, staying with an aunt he identified as "Manju Auntie", but being unable to name her husband.

FBI agents confiscated computer hard drives and data CDs from their home last month.

Federal agents conducted a search of Sadequee's bags before he left for Bangladesh and found two CD-ROMS concealed in the lining of a suitcase. One disc contained encrypted files that FBI technical experts still cannot decode, the affidavit said, while the other CD contained a bootleg copy of a hardcore pornographic movie. Indeed, there was evidence uncovered by the 9/11 Commission after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US that indicated that ringleader Mohammed Atta and some of his co-conspirators viewed pornography and enjoyed the company of prostitutes, and they were rumored to use cocaine. "Radical Islamic extremists" seem to deviate from pious Muslim beliefs.

"They are also disillusioned in many cases," Nahmias said, and sometimes take up Islam "in the radical form".

"I do believe that when the time comes, a number of these people will attempt to do something quite serious."

He probably meant mass murder, not what too many religious leaders call "serious": enjoying the on-screen antics of Jenna Jameson.

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