Irwin's Death Sparks Searches

Erik Gunther

The stunning death of the Crocodile Hunter sent searches soaring. Steve Irwin's untimely passing hit folks hard and they headed to the Search box for answers. We always see heavy search activity when a celebrity dies unexpectedly, but the unusual nature of Irwin's fatal stingray encounter fueled an even more massive search response.

Searches on "steve irwin death," "crocodile hunter," and "stingray barbs" all went from zero to the tens of thousands. The beloved animal wrangler's death also inspired search spikes on "australian zoo," "terri irwin," and "crocodiles."

People curious about the underwater creature responsible for the deadly attack immediately asked "what is a stingray." We saw an array of stingray searches including "saltwater stingrays," "stingray pictures," and "freshwater stingrays."

After word came that Irwin's death was captured on film, macabre searches on "steve irwin death video" and "steve irwin death pictures" also began to crop up.

We ran across many other search spikes in our research. Here are a few terms people were searching on in the wake of Irwin's passing...


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